Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Blog is Moving!

New :) Hope you enjoy!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning & the $10 Limit

Because Jon and I are getting married in the next month we decided to put a $10 spending limit on Christmas gifts. Let's just say things got real interesting!!! My favorite might have been a photo copied picture of Jon in a lovely cowboy outfit. It really ended up being quite funny!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sledding in Midway

I truly believe a picture says a 1000 words and with 10 pictures, that's a lot words. But the one that can be found in every picture is FUN!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Temple Square

Love the tradition of Temple Square lights and Olive Garden. Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas we head up and see the lights at Temple Square and catch a bite to eat before. This year I was able to share the tradition with Jon which was really fun for me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd Half of Summer Recap

I know I am completely fired at blogging, as some of friends and family members have pointed out. So I thought I would just do a summer recap, here we go........It's neverending so prepare yourself! :)

Fourth of July with the Watson Fam
The Watson Fam is always so willing to let me crash their party and join in the fun.

The Fourth of July started with my 2nd 5k of the year with sissy Shauna...I was a really grumpy lady but half through the race I snapped out of it. Although I was slower than death, I finished!

Then we headed to the Canyon for so lunch. There was playing, talk of Barrett sausage arms and fun times on a dirt hill.

Then we had a little mishap.....but Doddle was a little champ.

And to end the day we did fireworks and had some popsicles. Love the 4th of July and all the freedoms we enjoy!

I heart Washington

American Fork Carnival

I am always a sucker for a fair, carnival, whatever. The city I work in, American Fork, had a little carnival and I couldn't resist. I managed to convince Erika and Kati to come along. We ate a lot of junk, which did not settle well with Kati's tummy and she took it out on the dumpster and all and all had a great time. I was in heaven because they the zipper, my all time fav ride!!!

Playing with Toddy!!!

Everytime my friend Todd visits from California we have a tradition of going to Cafe Rio, although I don't have a picture of that I do have a picture of the fun we usually have afterwards.

Bon Fire with the Girls

There is nothing like a cool summer night and a bon fire.....some might call me a
pyro, but I say it's a healthy love of fire. Give me a bottle of liter fluid and a fire pit and I one happy lady.

Kati's Bridal Shower

What kind of best friend would I be if I didn't through a sex shower, wait I mean a bridal shower for Kati. I think it was educational and fun....hopefully Kati thought the same. All the good pictures can't be posted because I will get in trouble! :)


I figured out there are quite a few things that make me a happy lady and camping in the summer is one of them. Although I was mocked relentlessly about going to bed at 11:30pm,I had a really good time. Sitting in front of a fire drinking some Apple Beer (a soda for all outside of Utah), eating a fire cooked hot dog with chili and sleeping under the stars....oh wait it rained on all a girl can ask for!

I HeARt WAshIngToN!

It had been way too long since I had been home, so I bummed along on Shauna's trip. It was a fun filled few days, full of walks, hanging out, parties and so much more!!!

Kati's Big Day!!!

Our Utah version of Banks Lake, Yuba Lake

I had such a blast crashing Jen and Ross's little camping trip at Yuba Lake. I was able to come up the night before, roast some smores and get in a morning ski run. It was the first ski run for me in probably 12 years (shhh don't tell my Dad)....Don't worry I still have it....that and I had a really good driver, thanks guys! I did forget how fatiguing water sports are on your muscles, I don't think I walked straight for a week. After our early morning ski run, the Watson clan joined us and the fun began. The kids did solo kneeboard runs and were kicking booty all over town. Xander about gave me a heart attack when he went one handed because Aunt Lyss was (I was trying to steady Skinny's board, he's so light it kept turning). We ended the very hot day with smores again...I can't get enough of those and fire of course. It might not be Banks but it was sure a good substitute!

I am sure there is more for the summer catch up...but wholy cow that was a lot!!!! Hope everyone that reads this is doing well and if I never comment on your blog, know that I am still reading it!!! :)